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Supper Waltz Wilson, and Other New Zealand Stories

Frank Sargeson. Islands Oct 1980


The Day Hemingway Died, and Other Stories

Richard Dingwall. Landfall March 1986


The Lynx Hunter, and Other Stories

Ronda Cooper. Landfall March 1988

Noel O'Hare. Listener Aug 1987


Tomorrow We Save the Orphans: Fiction

Michael King. Metro June 1992


Coming Home in the Dark

Ray Bayley Evening Standard January 1996

Michael Morrissey


A Many-coated Man

Ian Dixon. Press April 1995


The Best of Owen Marshall's Short Stories

Sarah Quigley. Press January 1998


Harlequin Rex

Patrick Evans New Zealand Books


When Gravity Snaps

Lawrence Jones Otago Daily TImes

Gordon McLaughlan New Zealand Herald



The Larnachs

Kelly Ana Morey New Zealand Herald


Carnival Sky

Elisabeth Easther New Zealand Herald


Love as a Stranger

Siobhan Harvey Stuff



Pearly Gates

Rebekah Fraser NZ Book Lovers



View from the South

Marcus Hobson NZ Book Lovers



Return to Harikoa Bay

Peta Stavelli NZ Book Lovers



The Author's Cut

Chris Reed NZ Book Lovers



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