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Owen Marshall selected stories Edited by Vincent O'Sullivan.

Contents of Collection

Supper Waltz Wilson

A Southland Girl

The Tsunami

Descent from the Flugelhorn

The Master of Big Jingles

Mr Van Gogh

The Charcoal Burner's Dream

Cabernet Savignon with my Brother

Prince Valiant

Thinking of Bagheera

Requiem in a Townhouse

The Late Call

Kenneth's Friend

The Divided World

The Seed Merchant

The Paper Parcel

The Fat Boy

The Day Hemmingway Died

Another Generation

The Frozen Continents

Valley Day

Mumsie and Zip


A Poet's Dream of Amazons

The Ace of Diamonds Gang



The Rule of Jenny Pen

309 Hollandia

The Rose Affliction

Heating the World


Supplication for Position

A View of Our Country

The Dungarvie Festival

Tomorrow We Save the Orphans

Working Up North

The Occasion

Cometh the Hour

Growing Pains


Peacock Funeral

Goodbye Stanley Tan

The Birthday Boy

A Late Run

The Devil at Bruckner's Pond

The Language Picnic

End of Term

How it Goes

An Indirect Geography

Mr Tansley

Wake Up Call

Buried Lives

Facing Jack Palance

Family Circle



Minding Lear


Watch of Gryphons

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