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Cover - The Divided WorldThe Divided World by Owen Marshall.

Contents of collection:

A Day with Yesterman

Supper Waltz Wilson


Descent from the Flugelhorn

Mr Van Gogh

Monologue and Absent Friends

Effigies of Family Christmas

Thinking of Bagheera

The Charcoal Burners' Dream

The Master of Big Jingles

Requiem in a Town House

Body and Soul

Harvest Apocalypse

Prince Valiant

The Divided World

The Day Hemingway Died

Cabernet Sauvignon with my Brother

The Seed Merchant

A Town of Rivers

The Paper Parcel


The Fat Boy

Voice of the Cosmic Warlord

The Ace of Diamonds Gang

The Castle of Conceits

The Frozen Continents

The Lynx Hunter

Valley Day

The Complete Male Chauvinists' and Idlers'

Pipe Dream

Mumsie and Zip

A Poet's Dream of Amazons

Convalescence in the Old City

A Test of Fire

Off by Heart

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